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Is Your Environment Toxic?

Power Powder Organic Friendly Laundry Soap

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Weight: 4.00
Price: $29.00 


    Power Powder Organic Friendly Laundry Soap 2 lbs

    You'll love how clean and fresh your laundry gets!
    Our dirt dissolving technology cleans, brightens, and deodorizes like magic. Power Powder Detergent is the only product you’ll ever need. No more detergents, fabric softeners, whiteners or brighteners. All machines including HE

    Did you know that detergents and fabric softeners leave behind a residue that can cause “resoiling”?

    Resoiling happens when the residue left behind by softeners or detergents acts like an adhesive and draws dirt, bacteria, germs and other molecules onto the laundered item. This resoiling can be further compounded by consumers who add “too much” detergent to their wash in hope of getting cleaner clothes. Power Powder has absolutely no resoiling effect on clothing whatsoever. It is chemically designed to actually repel dirt from your freshly laundered clothing so your clothes stay cleaner longer.

    Harsh chemicals used in cleaners this residue can be harmful to the body. Since our clothing touches literally every part of our body, there is the possibility of absorbing these chemicals through our skin. With Power Powder, you never have to worry - our amazing detergent has no harmful chemicals.

    Our Power Powder detergent is gentle enough to use on delicates but tough enough to take on and beat the toughest stains, odors, and bacteria.

    - Safe on colors and whites
    - Can clean in all temperatures
    - Eliminates strong odors
    - Eliminates the need for bleach and other chemical cleaners
    - Clothes dry with a clean, rain-fresh scent without fabric softener
    - Safe and non-toxic for fine washables
    - Phosphate free

    One small scoop for mankind - One giant leap for Mother Earth!

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