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5MHz Portable Ultrasound Therapy Machine w/ 1 gallon Ultrasound Lotion

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Weight: 15.00
Retail Price: $129.93
Price: $124.95 

  • 5MHz pulsed wave ultrasound - forget bulky ultrasound transducers only available in doctors' offices, the 5MHz Portable unit emits therapeutic ultrasound in pulses at 2 power settings (hi and lo)
  • The 5 MHZ model is most appropriate for the skin and soft tissue just below the surface. Other models available: 1 MHz - deep penetrating, for larger muscles like back, quadriceps
  • Speed healing - ultrasound is used by chiropractors & in physical therapy to treat pain, spasms & inflammation. Sound waves promote tissue heating & blood flow to speed the recovery process & injury rehab. Home ultrasound machines will help you Live Pain-Free!
5MHz Portable Ultrasound Therapy Machine w/ 1 gallon Ultrasound lotion

To find the ultrasonic frequency (MHz) that's best for you - click here - to see our comparison chart.

The 5MHz Portable Ultrasound therapy machine is handheld & lightweight, giving you all the benefits of therapeutic ultrasound without inconvenient chiropractor & physical therapy appointments. Save time & treat in the comfort of your own home. The 5MHz Portable Ultrasound therapy machine uses pulsed ultra sound waves to speed healing & provide localized pain relief especially at a more shallow depth such as the face and skin. This item as well as all other ultrasound machines offered by come with a 1 year all inclusive warranty.

The crystal transducer head of the 5MHz portable ultrasound converts electrical energy into the strong vibratory sound waves of ultrasound therapy (sounds beyond our normal range of hearing , so you will not hear the ultrasound during treatment).

The handheld transducer also allows you to localize ultrasonic energy on a musculoskeletal pain - creating a therapeutic effect & inducing soft tissue healing.

The targeted pulsed-release of low frequency ultrasound waves causes micro-vibrations in the tissues, generating deep heat (diathermy), for the treatment of pain, muscles spasm and joint contractures.

The user-friendly ultrasonic therapy speeds healing by improving local blood circulation & oxygen flow and increasing tissue relaxation & scar tissue breakdown for increased mobility in the tendons & joints.

"Orders to U.S. and Canada are shipped out by the next business day. Orders outside of U.S. and Canada are shipped out within 8 business days. Voltage converters are not included."

The 5MHz home ultrasound machine has a wide range of therapeutic applications including reduction of acute and chronic pain as well as an anti-inflammatory effect. The 5MHz portable may even be used immediately post-injury and post-op (physician's supervision recommended).

The product is portable, lightweight, simple to use and does not require medical personnel to administer the ultrasound treatments.

For those suffering from pain or chronic injuries, benefits of the 5MHz Portable include its ease of application and use, faster recovery time, high compliance, safety, and effectiveness.

  • Item: Ultrasonic Massager - Model No. : USOUND5MHZ
  • Input voltage: 100VAC/110VAC/220VAC/240VAC
  • Working voltage: 12.0 VDC
  • Power consumption: 5 W
  • Frequency of Ultrasound: 5MHz
  • Auto shutoff: 10 + or - 1 minute
  • Size of unit: 172x55x55mm (7x2x2inches) for main unit
  • Massage area: 10 cm2 (1.55in2)
  • Weight of unit: 110g (4oz)
  • Bi-Bi alarm: 2 "Bi-Bi" sound every 9 seconds for "HIGH" setting; 1 "Bi" sound every 9 seconds for "LOW" setting
  • Operating conditions: Temperature - 10°C -40°C (50°F-104°F), Humidity - 30% - 90%
  • Storage condition: Temperature - 20°C - 60°C (68°F- 140°F), Humidity - 30% - 90%

*Specifications and appearance are subject to change without period notice for purposes of improvement.

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  • No Risk, No Buyer's Remorse, 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • 1 Year all Inclusive Warranty.
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1MHz Portable Ultrasound Therapy Machine w/  Case
1MHz Portable Ultrasound Therapy Machine w/ Case
Polysonic Ultrasound Lotion 1 Gallon w/ Aloe Vera
Polysonic Ultrasound Lotion 1 Gallon w/ Aloe Vera

14 Day Money Back Guarantee
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