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Dr. Christopher's Herbal Eyebright (100 Caps)

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SKU: NUTDRC89120-100
Weight: 0.87
Price: $25.25 

  • This formula is excellent for brightening and healing the eyes
  • It is known to remove the cataracts and heavy film from the eyes
  • Designed to support optimal eye health
A synergistic blend of whole food herbs for the eyes

The eyes are probably the most important organ connected to the senses. We use our eyes everyday for literally every task our body performs. Some vitamins & nutrients that help prevent the eye from certain age-related issues are not found in many common foods. This is why taking supplements for eye health is important before our later years. Dr. Christopher's Herbal Eyebright formula was designed to support optimal eye health.

Note: In order for any herbal combination to be effective, the body must be in good working condition. This would include using the lower bowel combination (Lower Bowel Formula) and strictly following the mucusless diet. In addition it is also important to improve the circulation to the head area. This can be accomplished by laying your head down on a slant board each day. Gradually work up to 20 minutes twice a day. There is also a tendency for the eyesight to seem to worsen for a while. This is due to the toxins being released from the system and coming to the surface of the eye to be washed away. This also indicates that the lower bowel formula Lower Bowel should be used as a means for keeping the eliminative channels open.

Ingredients: Bayberry Bark, Eyebright Herb, Goldenseal Root, Red Raspberry Leaf & Cayenne Pepper

Ailments traditionally used for:
* Eye Ailments
* Hay Fever
* Hemorrhage (Eye)
* Sty

Directions: As a dietary supplement take 2 capsules 3 times a day or as directed by your health care professional.

Testimonials: 1. Glaucoma: I have a friend who had had eight major surgeries. She lived in constant pain, very seldom was she able to go places and her physician had told her their was nothing more they could do. She went on Dr. Christopher's Three Day Cleanse and Mucusless Diet. She started on herbs to cleanse the colon,... the blood ... Cayenne, Herbal Calcium Formula, Joint, Herbal Eyebright, etc. In a matter of about three weeks, her pain was gone. She was able to start living again. In about 3 or 4 months her arthritis left her. She had had glaucoma for 13 years. Her glaucoma medicine was making her ill, so she went to her eye specialist. He tested her and said There is not even a trace of glaucoma left. There is virtually no cure for glaucoma, how did you do it? Her reply was thru herbs and diet. She was told whatever it is, don't stop it. He took her off her glaucoma medication, and a special pair of glasses. She now tells me her eyes have improved so much that she can now watch TV without glasses, which she never before had done. She started on this program less than a year ago. Her dark brown eyes are now turning green. She has a ways yet to go, but she is really living again. She is a composer and this past holiday season, had a Christmas Album published.

2. Cataracts: I have cataracts in both eyes, and my wife has one in one eye. Since I have been using it by eyecup and orally by capsules, I can now see all the license plate numbers equally in both eyes! (I could not see license plate numbers or highway signs with my left eye. They looked 'foggy'. Also, at night, all lights had 'halos' around them as a fog. Now the left eye has equally as good vision as my right eye.) Further, without my glasses, I can see each individual brick in condos across our green belt, approximately 250 feet away, which I never could before. My eye doctor, a year ago, said I had cataracts in both eyes, and the worst in my left eye. Six months ago, on a check-up, they were no worse, but I had to come back in six months. Two days ago, the doctor was amazed and delighted how my cataracts had shrunk (VERY RARE, he said) and he said my eyes were so good I need not come back for a whole year. I'm nearsighted normally, and had slightly more negative corrections every change. Now I can see as good with my older (less strong) glasses, and my eyes feel great. The herbal eyewash still smarts for a few seconds, but my eyes feel so good afterward. I use the eyecup 3 times a day, and 3 capsules. I'm 62 years old. My wife, 61 years old, does not take the capsules saying they cause a slight diarrhea which I had not experienced. She's using the eyecup twice daily. We've been on Dr. Christopher's Herbal Eyebright now for over 3 months, and will stick on it for the next year, and let you know then."

3. Pain & Squishy Feeling in Eyes: "My husband has had a great deal of improvement in his eyes since using the herbal eyebright formula, both internally and as an eyewash. He formerly had a lot of pain in his eyes, and mentioned a "squishy feeling" around the eyeballs. Lots of mucus has come out of his eyes in the mornings after using the eyewash the previous night. He can see better now and has no more pain. He took the eyebright capsules, 2 at breakfast and 2 before retiring."

4. Glaucoma: I have had glaucoma for twelve years now. The eye pressure was so high, I had to have surgery to rechannel the waterway. I have had a little sight, not any the last years, in my left eye, due to kidney stone surgery years ago. I have been using the Herbal Eyebright capsules internally, from another company in Utah that a friend told me about. I had not heard about Dr. Christopher's herbs, health newsletters, etc. until this winter while visiting in Southern California. Now I have been using Dr. Christopher's Eyebright combination eyewash formula. And I can see a little more light. To my amazement, the other night, I looked at the typewriter keyboard, and was able to distinguish each letter on the keys. Newspaper headlines, the letters are too close together, I can not see them, but I'm going to keep on using the Herbal Eyewash and hope for good results in the future.

5. Staph Infection in Eyes: Dr. Christopher has spoken several times in Cincinnati and my wife and I have been privileged to hear him. By way of personal testimony, I have had a staph infection in my eyes for at least four years and have tried many different treatments. But I have now found that taking two tablets per day of your Herbal Eyebright formula has greatly relieved the situation. I am now in the middle of my second bottle and with the improvement that I have noted already I expect that in a short period of time this infection will be completely eliminated.

Store in a cool, dry place.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Do not use during pregnancy or while nursing except as directed by your health care professional.

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Legal disclaimer:These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
These products are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

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