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Is Your Environment Toxic?

Elite Far Infrared Dome Sauna (Refurbished)

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Weight: 44.00
Retail Price: $624.98
Price: $507.49 

  • REFURBISHED - This item has been refurbished by our engineer to ensure HEALTHandMED quality standards. This item is still covered by our 1 year warranty and 14day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Optimum Relaxation: In just minutes the Sauna Dome will deeply relax the body. Detoxification: promote improved exchange of nutrients into cells and the discharge of toxins
  • Improved Blood Circulation. Relieves Pain. Strengthens the Cardiovascular & Immune System
Portable Far Infrared Sauna with 2 Heaters

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Enjoy the luxury of Healing FIR Heat While You Recline
Keeping the head outside and cool while lying down is the most comfortable way to relax and enjoy the the healing benefits of far infrared heat.

Reclining in the dome sauna also promotes distinct cardiovascular and neurological advantages, as the nervous system and cardiovascular system is more relaxed compared to an upright position.

Learn more about the potential health benefits for specific conditions.

The Far Infrared Dome Sauna features:

  • Very comfortable, covers length of body

  • Easy to set up, maintain and store

  • Portable and lightweight

  • Premium quality element

  • ACF Technology - Active Carbon Fiber Heating Elements & Bio-Ceramic Heaters

  • Reflects FIR (FAR INFRARED) energy w/frequencies that are body-friendly, 7-15 micron wavelength

  • Variable & adjustable control for both temperature & time

  • Uses very little electricity

  • Compact, allows more effective exposure to Far Infrared Rays

  • Lying down is the most beneficial way to sauna

  • Wood frame construction with a PU leather outer covering.
  • Thick foam waterproof floor pad

Optimum Relaxation
In just minutes the Sauna Dome will deeply relax the body. Used as day therapy in the home for release of tension and bath the body in wonderful penetrating far infrared heat as well as negative ions that are valued for their healing and anti-aging properties

Increased blood circulation and improved oxygen supplies to the skin with increased core body temperature from FIR ( FAR INFRARED )promote improved exchange of nutrients into cells and the discharge of toxins

Improved Blood Circulation
An increase in blood circulation encourages a healthy flow of nutrients to ... of FIR ( FAR INFRARED )within the body can be replenished. The health of the whole system depends on the movement of blood and energy throughout. By dilating blood vessels and penetrating deeply into he body the Relax Dome increases and strengthens circulation without causing any stress on the system

Relieves Pain
Radiant heat expands and dilates peripheral blood vessels. This action brings relief to muscles and soft tissue injuries. In addition, increased blood circulation delivers oxygen-rich blood to injured muscles which helps to speed up the body's natural recovery process. Effective in helping reduce the pain of arthritis, back pain, muscle spasms, headache, etc

Rehabilitate Injuries
Radiant heat helps with sprains, strains, arthritis, muscle spasms and pain

Strengthens the Cardiovascular & Immune System
As core body temperature rises their is corresponding increase in immune chemicals and the self healing abilities of the body become more effective. As our heart pumps blood at a greater rate, giving us the same benefits as a cardiovascular workout. Heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate increase, while diastolic blood pressure drops, resulting in improved physical fitness

Most Suitable for personal and home use

If you are pregnant, you should not use the sauna belt. Always consult a doctor prior to using excerise equipment. Read directions carefully and follow closely to avoid injury from extreme heat.

This product normally ships in 1 business day from our warehouse

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Temperature: up to 203°F (95°C)
Length when extended: 63 in. (160 cm.)
Length when retracted: 31.5 in. (80 cm.)
Outside width: 29.5 in. (75 cm.)
Inside width: 28 in. (72 cm.)
Outside height: 16 in (40 cm.)
Inside height: 14 in. (35 cm.)
Power: 1000 Watts, 9 amp

Why purchase from HEALTHandMED?

  • Warranty covering defects in material and workmanship for one year

  • We are very easy to contact before and after the sale by calling toll free 1-888-649-3650. Outside of the U.S. call 1-435-275-4487.

  • No Risk No Buyer's Remorse 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.

  • We carry other products that are often used by persons undergoing FIR sauna therapy.

    • Most likely, some good minerals will become depleted during each FIR Sauna session from the sweating. Therefore, it is important to always take a highly assimilable mineral supplement such as Concentrace® Trace Mineral Drops. Take 20 drops (1/4 tsp) in the morning to make the body more alkaline. Take 20 more drops 45-60 minutes before bed to improve sleep (and increase healing ability). For women especially, the replenishment of minerals is a must.

    • Since FIR Sauna therapy is used by many for detoxification, we offer a variety of other products that help the body to better eliminate toxins including pH Booster, DetoxiFiber™, Primal Defense® ULTRA, DigestPlex, Oceans 3 Beyond Omega 3® Fish Oil, SuperGreens Phyto-Food and more. You may add these to your sauna order for little or no additional shipping cost.

    • We also offer ionic detox foot bath systems, Himalayan salt products and variety of other health products at prices hard to believe. You may add these to your sauna order and save with the combined product shipping discounts.


14 Day Money Back Guarantee
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