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Is Your Environment Toxic?

FIR-Real Sauna Blanket w/ 3 Zones + Sample Concentrace Trace Minerals

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Weight: 27.00
Price: $334.98 

  • Can adjust from 77-167 degrees
  • The perfect addition to your spa, salon or home!
  • 3 separate channels for different heat settings and times
FIR-Real Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna Blanket w/ 3 Zone Digital Controller
To find the Portable FIR (Far Infrared) Sauna that's best for you - click here - to see our Comparison Chart.


The NEW 2013 FIR-Real Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna Blanket is the easiest way to help detoxify and shed pounds! The digital controller allows the independent adjustment of THREE (3) separate heat zones (upper body, waist, and lower body) that adjust from 77-176 degrees along with a digital timer that can be set for up to 60 minutes.  The perfect addition to your spa, salon or home!

"Orders to U.S. and Canada are shipped out by the next business day. Orders outside of U.S. and Canada are shipped out within 8 business days. Voltage converters are not included."

The Right Way to Detox!
Whenever you detox your body, especially with the use of a sauna it is important to:
A) Remain properly hydrated! Ideally with Ionized Alkalized Water
B) Replenish minerals lost through sweating!

Formulated by Nature for Greater Bio Health and Body Mineral Balancing from Utah's Inland Sea: ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops! When you order this product we will include our .5 oz. Concentrace Trace Mineral Dropper Bottle giving you The Most Powerful, Natural, Health Giving Trace Minerals in the World! Using ConcenTrace® every day will help renew and energize your body's entire electrical system. You'll have more energy and will generally feel better!

  • Detoxifies and burns fat
  • Quickens Lipolysis - Removes unwanted fats in your Tummy, waist, hip, arms, and legs
  • Promotes Perspiration - The excretion of heavy metals, toxins, and other waste deposits in the body.
  • Speeds up metabolism and enhances absorption of nutrients.
  • Acts as physical therapy for myalgia & neurosis. Balances the autonomic nervous system and has a beneficial effect on sore muscles, lactic acid and the liver
  • Improves the immune system and helps prevents growth of cancer cells.
  • Diminishes inflammation.
  • Helps with sleeping disorders.
  • Dimensions - 70" H x 33" W x 1" T
    (there is an opening at the end if you are over 6' tall, so it can be used by all)
  • 110V US Standard
  • 300W Power
  • Uses AC Power in the Blanket
  • Water-proof polyurethane sauna blanket

Why purchase from HEALTHandMED?

  • Warranty covering defects in material and workmanship for one year
  • We are very easy to contact before and after the sale by calling toll free 1-888-649-3650. Outside of the U.S. call 1-435-275-4487. us with any questions.
  • No Risk No Buyer's Remorse 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • We carry other products that are often used by persons undergoing FIR sauna therapy.
    • Most likely, some good minerals will become depleted during each FIR Sauna session from the sweating. Therefore, it is important to always take a highly assimilable mineral supplement such as Concentrace® Trace Mineral Drops. Take 20 drops (1/4 tsp) in the morning to make the body more alkaline. Take 20 more drops 45-60 minutes before bed to improve sleep (and increase healing ability). For women especially, the replenishment of minerals is a must.
    • Since FIR Sauna therapy is used by many for detoxification, we offer a variety of other products that help the body to better eliminate toxins including pH Booster, DetoxiFiber™, Primal Defense® ULTRA, DigestPlex, Oceans 3 Beyond Omega 3® Fish Oil, SuperGreens Phyto-Food and more. You may add these to your sauna order for little or no additional shipping cost.
    • We also offer ionic detox foot bath systems, Himalayan salt products and variety of other health products at prices hard to believe. You may add these to your sauna order and save with the combined product shipping discounts.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee
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