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You're an Angel for Ginger! Thank you Mark and HEALTHandMED!!

She went to her first riding session tonight! (Sep 12) ... they had quite a few volunteers and the teacher did an amazing job! You should have seen the smile on Ginger's face! Esp. when she it was Daisy's first day at Horseback riding too and she was a little anxious about everything and really wanted to play with everyone.... still a puppy, but the exposure was good and she did pretty well overall and will get better as time goes on.

- Maryann Baker (Mother)

For every FIR-REAL Sauna purchased from, we donate $15 to help Ginger Roth continue her therapeautic riding lessons as well as helping her have a service dog.

Ginger Roth is a fourteen year old girl with cerebral palsy. This condition causes a non-progressive lesion on the brain. As the body grows, muscles change and the brain does not adapt along with these changes. Muscles can tighten and lead to difficulty in walking and other everyday tasks. At this time, there is no cure for cerebral palsy, but the symptoms can be treated. In Ginger's case, one of the treatments that has been especially helpful is riding therapy at Praying Hands Ranch. The riding center coordinator explains that the gait of a horse creates a "three-dimensional" movement that emulates a normal human gait. This can help the rider stretch muscles and improve muscle memory, assisting the rider in walking.

Her need for them can be several things. Originally it was for Balance and mobility, but as her needs are changing, they can be trained to help pull her wheelchair, pick things up for her, turn on lights, assist in transitions to and from places (like wheelchair to her chair or bed etc.). They can be trained to assist in opening doors, pushing elevator buttons, getting her clothes, shoes etc.

They can also help her at school so she has better access to playground equipment, transitioning, bathroom help, and carrying things for her etc. It depends on what she needs or wants. I think more than anything, just haveing the constant companionship is comforting and makes her happy. She has to use her voice more to command the dog and be more aware of her circumstances as well as thinking about other's etc.

She also has the benefit of someone with her to help her up if (when) she falls. He's with her constantly (ideally) and is always a friend who loves her unconditionally and she has someone to love as well. She often just sits down on the floor and wraps her arms around the dog or lays on top of him or she'll sing him little love songs she makes up. It's really cute! I think the emotional benefits have been more of a blessing than anything I ever expected. It's an amazing relationship!!


"When she's on a horse there are no disabilities, she's totally free, she's beautiful, she loves it, she doesn't know that she's going to therapy. And you know, you see the grin on her face, you see the freedom and beauty of this, this, child. We do see an increase in her stamina, in her balance, in her agility, and especially in her core body strength, as well as her confidence level. As the parent of a special needs child this is the very best thing we have ever done for her, our daughter."

- Maryann Baker (Mother)

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